Company Courses

Company Courses – targeted investments and professional service

  1. Tailor-made company courses at the location of your choice. inlingua has centrally located premises, but is equally happy to come to you or you could combine online learning with face-to-face classes.
  2. Our teachers are mobile and our programs are flexible.
  3. With 300 language schools worldwide, inlingua is in touch with every market.
  4. Our local presence across all cultural areas helps keep our teaching materials and methods up to date. Learning never stands still.

Most Forbes 500 companies learn with inlingua.
At the same time, inlingua is proud that, in every corner of its home country of Switzerland, its services are very much in demand.

For business at the sharp end: languages with special relevance.

The tougher the competition, the more crucial the right words in the right place. That’s why inlingua offers special language courses tuned to the needs of every branch of industry. “Managing Successful Meetings”, “Telephoning” or “Business Correspondence” are only 3 of the vast range of Modules for specific language learning needs. Learn exactly what you need at the moment!

Ongoing and objective testing of your progress at inlingua.
Precise grading and carefully monitored targets are our benchmarks; interim tests that cannot be “rehearsed” provide an accurate progress report at regular intervals.