Corporate Charter

“Combining our diversity to bring language to life”

inlingua encourages effective communication.

Present in many countries, inlingua helps improve human communication.

Our experience in more than 300 language centres worldwide allows us to continually improve our courses as well as the way we work.

inlingua enhances the competitiveness of Switzerland.

inlingua is a company originally established in Switzerland and maintains close contact with other companies and institutions of Switzerland and together we promote the competitiveness of Switzerland.

Our main strength is our method, which is used in all our courses.

inlingua affirms that to acquire proficient language skills, one must apply diligence. We encourage our students to participate actively in class.  For this reason, we work in small groups.

In order to be as positive and productive as possible, the lessons are based on the prior knowledge of the target language of each of our students.

inlingua honors cosmopolitan Geneva.

inlingua believes that personal contact with native speakers facilitates learning a foreign language, which is why our trainers are sourced from around the world.

From twenty different countries, our trainers ensure the quality of our courses and allow our students to experience the unique culture of the target language.

Environment : inlingua Geneva is committed.

We sort and recycle paper, cardboard, PET, glass, as well as batteries, fluorescent tubes, printing cartridges and toner.

Transportation: in order to get to our clients, our instructors use public transportation as much as possible.
Lighting: our classrooms are equipped with economical fluorescent lights or LED light bulbs. We switch off the lights in the classrooms when not in use.
Cleaning products: we use environmentally friendly products, as much as possible.
Photocopies: we encourage our staff to limit the number of photocopies and to make double-sided copies when possible.
Electric devices on stand-by: after working hours, all devices are switched off.