Nouveaux besoins, nouveaux services !

New Days, New Ways, New Services …

Learn and practice languages at your convenience, wherever you are! Thanks to the new range of inlingua Virtual Classroom services through inlinguanow, you can enjoy the benefits of the inlingua method without a classroom!

The Concept
Integrated audio and webcam tools allow language learners and highly qualified inlingua trainers to
meet online to practice the target language. Specially designed features keep the training
interesting, effective and fun. In between sessions, language support doesn’t stop. The same platform,
inlinguanow, offers language learners numerous e-learning exercises that match their level.

Flexible Virtual Classroom Courses
After more than 45 years of experience, inlingua knows that not all customers have the same needs.
The unique Virtual Classroom platform makes customer flexibility a top priority.

Today inlingua language learners can choose among the following options:

  • Business and General Language Courses, at this time English only
  • Conversation Courses and Standard Courses with Progression
  • Standardized and Customized Courses
  • 1-to-1, Small Groups and Large Groups

Learning in the Virtual Classroom is an efficient and cost-effective way to practice and learn a language.
There are many opportunities offered by inlinguanow. Please contact your inlingua center to find out how you can sign up today and make your language training more efficient and more fun!

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Published on 2015.11.09.